Pim Fortuyn Memorial Conference on Islam 2006


Sunday 19th february





09h30 Coffee with Participants


10h00 Opening Conference


10h15 Urbain Vermeulen: The situation in Belgium

Followed by discussion, then a short tea or coffee break à this applies to all lectures


11h30 David Littman: “Submission” at the United Nations?


13h00 Lunch


14h15 Ruben Gischler: Into "Submission": Dutch academics on islam in the public debate.


15h30 Lars Hedegard: Parallel societies in the light of the Danish experience


17h00 Douglas Murray: What are we to do about Islam?


18h00 Thank you and farewell


Discussions / Workshops

We want to make the Conference as vivid and effective as possible, and believe that this can be realized by adding workshops and debates to the conference with a total of 2. In this context we planned the following debates / workshops that will take place parallel to the main contributions and enhance the effect of the Conference.


11h30 Ruben Gischler-Andy Bostom (English)

Eager to please 1?


14h15 David Littman- Mat Herben (English)

Eager to please 2?